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Extreme Couponing

June 29, 2011

As you probably already noticed, my little shop remains closed until further notice.  I know, it’s sad. 

In other news, I’ve been hearing rumors that the Extreme Couponers are hurting the rest of us Normal Couponers.  What’s up with stockpiling enough salad dressing to last the next 5 years…or pasta, or cereal, etc.?  I don’t get it.  Too bad there’s already another show on TLC called “Hoarders” because that seems like the more appropriate name for those couponers. 

I use coupons to match with items on sale and sometimes stock up on a few extras.  I think I have 4 tubes of toothpaste in my bathroom closet that I got for free.  4.  Not 400!  I also don’t buy a lot of the pre-packaged junk that there are always coupons for.  Anyway, Thrifty Mama, from the Atlanta area has a post about couponing that is interesting.  I’ve never done couponing on the level that some people do, but I will keep trying to save money by using coupons on the things that I would be buying anyway.

New Listings & Old News

April 18, 2011

I just listed 3 new organizers in my etsy shop.  Unfortunately, that may be it for a while.  The lovely ladies at Loblolly Lane have become too busy to help me with my sewing anymore.  It may take some time to figure out a new plan.  So what else is new…I never seem to be able to keep up.  Anybody know how to sew and live in the Atlanta area?? 🙂

Flamingo Dots

New Giveaway Winner!

March 1, 2011

Yay!! The Organized Shopper has 100 fans on Facebook!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered to win the giveaway.  And the new giveaway winner is….. # 70, Alexandra DiGiorgio.  Alexandra was chosen using and will receive the Original Hands-free Listmaker-Coupon Organizer from The Organized Shopper’s Etsy Shop as shown below.  The orginal winner was ineligible as she is a writer for this awesome blog that I just so happen to advertise on 🙂  

Alexandra, please email your address to to claim your prize. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered.  By being fans of The Organized Shopper, you’ll be the first to hear about future giveaways, sales, and other events.

Facebook Giveaway

February 23, 2011

To celebrate the new facebook page for The Organized Shopper, I’m having a giveaway!  To enter, just be one of the first 100 people to “Like” the new page.  The giveaway winner will be chosen using, and will receive the newest ultimate organizer (Sky with Flowers.)  Good Luck!



I’m totally copying this idea from my friend, April, at Reflective Images Photography (her photos are gorgeous!)

A Handmade Heritage

February 23, 2011

Originally posted February 23, 2010

Recently I was asked if I was crafting or sewing before I created my organizers.  The truth is that I was not.  I think I made a pair of curtains about 5 years ago when my in-laws gave me a sewing machine.  I just didn’t take the time to be creative. 

I first created my organizer because I couldn’t find one like it to purchase.  So it was kind of more of an “invention,” as strange as that sounds.  But I quickly realized that there was a certain joy found in the process of designing and creating.  And when other people, complete strangers to me, found value in something I created and actually wanted to pay for it, well that was just an amazing feeling.

As I started this small (well, tiny) business, I carried with me the knowledge that others in my family had successful businesses selling handmade items.  My mother’s Grandmother was a wonderful seamstress.  In addition to making beautiful clothes for her family (my mother still gets teary-eyed thinking about a little sailor dress made especially for her), my Great-Grandmother also sewed items for brides that she sold to Rich’s in Atlanta.  Similarly, my Great-Aunt made hats that she sold to Rich’s. 


A garter made by my Great-Grandmother (mother's side)


A handkerchief with embroidery by my Great-Grandmother (father's side)

My mother made many of her own clothes when she was younger, as well as clothes for my sisters and me, and wonderful quilts.  My grandmother began painting later in life and was a naturally gifted artist.  Her beautiful paintings grace the walls of all of her children’s and grandchildren’s homes.  A glance at one of her paintings reminds me of her sweet nature, and that I should be as sweet to my family.      

Handmade items from loved ones are treasured, especially generations later.  At some point, it just became so much easier (and cheaper!) to run into the mall to pick something up.  Now it seems that handmade items are making a comeback due to the recession.  People are actually mending their clothes again, trying to make things last longer or perhaps even creatively altering clothes they already have for a different look.


A jar of buttons collected by my Great-Grandmother

Regardless of what happens with my business, I’m determined to keep sewing, designing, or creating.  The process of creating is almost more important than the outcome.   I may not be a brilliant seamstress like my Great-Grandmother, but I truly love the idea of carrying-on a heritage of handmade.

Fall changes

October 31, 2010

Fall has always been my favorite season.  The air is finally getting cooler (now that it’s technically almost winter), and it just feels like the right time for change.  My little family is about to experience a lot of changes as we welcome baby boy number 2 into our lives.  We couldn’t be more excited about his impending arrival, but we’re definitely making the most of our last days as a family of 3. 

Little Elephant

My boys

More Fall Fun

I’m trying to build up some inventory so that I can still hopefully make some holiday sales.  Obviously, I’ll be too busy to do much more than shipping, if I can even manage that!

Oh, one more thing, I’m starting to do a bit of advertising with a lot of help from my husband.  He has helped me with this little business in so many ways that I shouldn’t be surprised that he can also design blog ads!  Sooo, please check out my ad on Style Lush and Food Lush if you have a minute.  It’s simple, but it’s a start.  Let me know if you have any other ideas about affordable advertising!

Style Lush

September 22, 2010

Another cool blog just made my day by including my organizer in today’s post.  I really enjoyed checking out Style Lush (design the life you want) .  If you read about the many interesting women who contribute to this blog, then I’m betting you’ll be back frequently to see what they’re talking about next.  I know I will!